My name is Katharina Gehrmann and I am licenced ("approbierte") child and adolescent psychotherapist. I was born and grew up in Munich/Bavaria with roots in Berlin and Stockholm as well.

In Munich I did my studies of education, psychology, medical education and child and adolescent psychiatry. Then I worked as social worker with adolescents with drug abuse, later in the field of further qualification and in the field of international, scientific projects. Then I decided to return to the field of my compassion, psychotherapy, and completed 5 years of qualification for child and adolescent therapy in Potsdam.

I worked at the center for socio-pediatrics at the Charité Berlin (SPZ) and still work at the Legasthenie-Zentrum Berlin, as psychotherapist. 

Therapeutic mindset

"Art is (like) childhood - not knowing that the world already exists and creating one“ (R. M. Rilke*).

This citation accompanies me since several years: To me it expresses vitality, creativity and strengths - which all together represent a wholesome, healthy being.

A child enters the world with an unobstructed view. In the course of develpment, children and adolescents meet obstacles and difficulties - and they might get stuck at some point. Then it might seem impossible to resolve the existing dynamics, which again is very burdening. This situation might carry psychological symptoms and even psychological disturbance.


My therapeutical mindset and "mission" therefore is:
To bring burdensome dynamics into a healthy flow again.
To find the most suitalbe solution with the client and his or her family.
To empower the child respectively the adolescent to having a strong self that is moving fearlessly and that is enabled to create a meaningful world. 

Qualification and experiences

My therapeutical qualification

  • 2022-2023: Eye Movement Desensitation  and Reprocessing (EMDR; EMDRIA)
  • 2015-2019: Child and adolescent psychotheraypie (API Potsdam)

Additional focusses

  • from 2023 on: Somatic Experiencing
  • 2020-2021: Bodynamic Foundation Training (EABP certified body-psychotherapy)
  • 2021: Yoga Nidra
  • 2018: Progressive muscle relaxation (API Potsdam) 

My studies

  • 2005: Adult education (Hochschule für Philosophie München) 
  •  2004: Education (M.A.), social psychology, child and adolescent psychiatry, medical education Ludwigs-Maximilian-Universität München) 

My work experience

  • 2021: Therapeutical office for children, adolescents and young adults in Berlin-Kreuzberg 
  • 2018: Psychotheray and learning therapy for children and adolescnets (Legasthenie-Zentrum Berlin) 
  • 2015: Scientific assistant in the projects CHIMPS („Children of mentally ill parents“) and DSD-Life („Differences in sex development“), Charité Berlin 
  • 2015-2018: Several sit-ins at the „Interdisciplinary consultation hour for children and adolescents with transidentity“, Charitè Berlin 
  • 2011: Project management in international scientific EU projects (GABO:mi, Munich)
  • 2007: Training Management (Integrata AG) 
  • 2005: Working with adolescents with drug abuse (Condrobs e.V., Munich)

Psychotherapeutenkammer Berlin (PTK Berlin)